The New Nordic Tiger Project
Exhibition, Seminar, Book and Film

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The New Nordic Tiger Project
Live Exhibition

Nuuk Nordic Culture Festival, Katuaq Kulturip Illorsua, Nuuk, Greenland, October 2019
Multisalen, Copenhagen, October 2017 

As a dane I found myself struggling with my roots and feelings of belonging.
Through interviews and skypecalls with people from the nordic countries, I found that a great part of peoples identity were rooted in a deep concern for the future. I came across a swedish writer: Gunnar Wetterberg, who wrote the book: Förbundstaten Norden and through an interview with him, the idea of a new nordic nation were defined.

His book later became a part of a script during a presentation. I created the concept: The New Nordic Tigers, as a frame for discussion about the fundament of a society and produced a number of props that people could use to either engage or pull away from - as for example  burning the New Nordic Tigers flag, this actually happened.
In April 2014 I invited politicians, activists and artists from the nordic countries, to engange in an experiment. For 3 days they were invited to explore the idea of creating a nation nation from scratch.
The props from the project, exists in the toolbook: Tools of a new nation  that implements the actions of creating a new nation, and can be used by anyone who wants to engage in discussions about future societies. 
In 2017 I launched the New Nordic Tiger Project - a live experiment and exhibition, with architechs, costume designers and choreographers from the nordic countries. The project invited the audience to research into the topic.

An 8 meter long tiger hanged from the ceiling, in order to remind the visitors and people involved, to question the nature of "The New Nordic Tigers".


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The New Nordic Tigers

A film about the concept of a nordic nation that gathers the 7 nordic countries into one. A nation that is both visionary and yet struggling with structures

and hierarchy as we know them. Husets Biograf, Copenhagen 2016



Tools of a new nation

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The New Nordic Tiger Experiment

Live-experiment, props and videoinstallation

04-08 April 2014

Dome of Visions, Copenhagen