Compositions for a landscape

Composition for a landscape

Hafnarfjörður Center of Culture and fine Art (Iceland), June 2019

Concept by: Marie Hauge Jensen
Composition by: Anders Monrad and Marie Hauge Jensen
Arranged by: Anders Monrad
Video installation by: Suvi Andrea Helminen
Vocals by: The South Icelandic Chamber Choir
Instrument by: Páll Guðmundsson

Directed by: Hilmar Örn Agnarsson

Composition for a landscape is a multidisciplinary concert that investigates a possible language between humans and nature. 
Performance artist Marie Hauge Jensen have initiated the project based on antropological research. She guides the singers through a "sense-memory tour" around the landscapes in Husáfell. The singers dives into a meditation with nature and investigates impulsive harmonies and soundscapes. Artist Páll Guðmundsson brings his nature xylophones and stone harps into the work and creates sound figures that compliments the singers.
Composer Anders Monrad creates a composition that aims to vocalize natures profound effect. In collaboration with the choir the composition becomes alive. The film maker Suvi Andrea Helminen captures the investigation and relationships with nature that occurs on the journey.

The Sky 

The Mountains

The Bushes

The Field