A random act of kindness

2000 phonecalls to random selected people in Denmark and Sweden

Video and sound installation

Johannes Kirke, Malmø, 2011

Recidency: "Laboratoriet", Århus, 2014
Tv program: "Kunsten at være ensom", DR2 (dansih television) 2015

The project explores "kindness" - as a phenomenon, that might occure when certain conditions are present.

During two years I made 2,000 phone calls to random people in Denmark, to investigate how kindness can occure between two random people.
During the 2 year research I meet a group of people I had been in contact with, in a black box theatre on each side of a screen.

Each call and meeting have been documented through video and audio recordings.

The sound recordings have been exhibited in Johannes church in Malmö and the gallery Another Space in Copenhagen.A great part of the project was carried out during conducting an experiment at Laboratoriet (http://www.laboratoriet.org) a centre for practical artistic research. And it was presented at Laboratoriet’s international RAPP conference in 2014 (http://www.laboratoriet.org/experiments/act-and-art-kindness).   

The process was followed by documentary film director Mette Carla Albersten and later by Ina Lindgren. In April 2015, the video was a part of a program about lonelinessin danish television (DR2).

Read Article: http://www.peripeti.dk/2015/11/06/en-undersoegelse-af-teatermediet/#more-4219