1980, based in Copenhagen

My practise is based on
performance art and is explored through antropological investigations and experiments.

My projects challenges issues such as identity, culture, norms, gender and social relations. 
The work concerns around the body, visual elements, costumes, video installations, music and text.

2005 - 2008: Copenhagen Film and Teaterschool
2013: Anhtropology studies at Copenhagen Open University

2018: The Royal danish academy of fine arts
2018: Copenhagen Commune
2018: Roskilde Universitet
2008 - 2018: Copenhagen Film and Theaterschool

Supported by:
Statens kunstfond, CKU, Danida, Københavns Kommune, Nordisk Kulturfond and Nordic Culture Point.


2019: "Meditation#5", Pop-up gallery, Esbjerg, March

2019: "Meditation#4", pop-up gallery, Herning, January
2018: "RUST#2", Koncertkirken, Copenhagen, December 

2018: "Meditation#3", Brandgården gallery, Lemvig, October
2018: "Meditation#2", The Greenlandic House, Copenhagn, July

2018: "RUST#1", Radio 24/7, Copenhagen, May
2017: "Julen i os", short film, "Møltrup optagelseshjem", Dec
2017: "Imagine USA", Studio &, Colorado, July
2017: "The New Nordic Tiger Project", installation, Multisalen, Copenhagen, October
2017: "Tools of a new nation", publication, May
2017: "The New Nordic Tiger Experiment", experiment, Dome of Visons, Copenhagen, February
2016: "Genders in motion", performance installation, Site specific, Dar es salaam, Tanzania, Dec
2016: "The New Nordic Tigers", Artfilm, "Huset", Copenhagen, May
2016: "Manual Positions", Nafasiartspace, Dar es salaam, Tanzania, December
2016: "Dreaming about Hitler", Another Space gallery, Fylkingen, April
2015: "Min isdanske puls", Visual performance installation, Ingibjörg Magnasdóttir, Nikolaj kunsthal

The New Nordic Tiger Experiment
Live-experiment, props and videoinstallation

04-08 April 2014

Dome of Visions, Copenhagen

As a dane I found myself struggling with my roots and feelings of belonging.
Through interviews and skypecalls with people from the nordic countries, I found that a great part of peoples identity were rooted in a deep concern for the future. I came across a swedish writer: Gunnar Wetterberg, who wrote the book: Förbundstaten Norden and through an interview with him, the idea of a new nordic nation were defined.
His book later became a part of a script during a presentation. I created the concept: The New Nordic Tigers, as a frame for discussion about the fundament of a society and produced a number of props that people could use to either engage or pull away from - as for example  burning the New Nordic Tigers flag, this actually happened. In April 2014 I invited politicians, activists and artists from the nordic countries, to engange in an experiment. For 3 days they were invited to explore the idea of creating a nation nation from scratch. The props from the project, exists in the toolbook: Tools of a new nation that implements the actions of creating a new nation, and can be used by anyone who wants to engage in discussions about future societies. In 2016 I created the film: "The New Nordic Tigers" based on theories regarding nationalism by Benedicte Andersson, describes in "Imagined commutinies". Which in 2017 lead to a finalisation of my investigations in the New Nordic Tiger Project - a live experiment and exhibition, with architechs, costume designers and choreographers from the nordic countries. The project invited the audience to research into the topic. 
An 8 meter long tiger hanged from the ceiling, in order to remind the visitors and people involved, to question the nature of
"The New Nordic Tigers".